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Garden Decoration – Decoration style became popular in the West on the 20th century, and now increasingly is having more success, and many people choose to decorate their home based on the teachings and philosophy of the Buddha, and especially in exterior decoration.

Gardens originated in Japan, for more than ten centuries, and are places that is meditated and reflected, connecting with his own being and reaching inner peace. Today going to give some ideas for décor n in your garden first!, so personalize your garden and make it a unique, full of quiet and cozy place.

Decor tends to worship what is essential, so we recommend that you use few decorative elements, and few simple objects, straight lines. To create peaceful and pleasant environments that invite to calm and to think, you can include aromas like incense and scented candles. If you turn on the candles at night, and put them on top of the pool or stream, you will create a pure atmosphere.

As we see in the image above, an ideal option is to create a small stream or waterfall, since water creates pleasant environments and their sound invites the peace. Thus we achieve an atmosphere in perfect balance. The use of natural materials such as stone, bamboo and wood is common. You can create a small path or Pebble road, which in addition to serenity place, is an ideal decorative element in any garden.

Forget worries and the stress of work and everyday life. It disconnects your mind surrounded by a peaceful, calm atmosphere enjoying the exotic nature and a pleasant feeling of comfort.

And you, do you fancy to create a garden of  decor on the outside of your home?


Ikea Oriental Style Collection – Do you Like the oriental style? Wish you could bring it to your house at a fair price? Well thanks to the new collection from furniture giant Ikea is going to introduce this fall 2014 you can do.

Ecletic Style Decorating – The denomination of eclectic is used to refer to situations, personalities, or phenomena characterized by contain elements very different among themselves, but combined perfectly. The eclectic style takes the best of the different elements and mixes them in personalized and unique way.

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