Attic Fans

Some homes have attic fans and some don’t. If you don’t have one, you may have a very hot attic in the summer. If you do have one, then you may notice that there is some air circulating in your attic. Even if you don’t spend time in your attic, you may want to consider an attic fan. Some individuals think that because they don’t spend time in their attic, it doesn’t need to be cooled. They are aware that it is very hot in that area, but do not realize the significance of that heat.

Believe it or not, the heat from the attic has a tendency to seep down into your home. This makes your home hotter and this heat results in increased cooling costs. In other words, the heat from the attic that isn’t really a second thought is costing homeowners in  more money than they need to pay.

What does an Attic Fan do?

If you’re not sure what an attic fan does, it is time to find out. An attic fan will blow out all of the heat that enters the attic. This means the heat doesn’t have to be trapped inside. Even when it is not that hot outside, the heat inside the attic can be quite hot. If you use your attic for storage, this cooling can be quite beneficial for when you have to go into the attic and also protects the items that you are storing. If you have family heirlooms and other precious items, you definitely don’t want them exposed to intense heat.

Furthermore, cooling your attic also cools your home and saves you money on your cooling costs. Some individuals are also talking to  roofing companies about installing solar powered attic fans because they do not require anything but the sun to work. This also conserves electricity. They are just as effective as the attic fans that you plug into an outlet and work incredibly well during the summer.

The Price

It is true that the price of an attic fan is not cheap. However, you can’t exactly look at the initial cost of the fan, but the overall savings. These fans last for many years and will make an incredible difference in the temperature of your home, in your electric bill, and gives added protection to the belongings in your attic. In the end, all of these factors save you so much money that the savings far exceeds the initial cost of the attic fan.

And yes, when you hire a  roofer to install your attic fan for you, you do have to pay installation costs. This is not a job that you want to take on by yourself since it is rather dangerous and handling of the fan and all of the components to install it does take experience. Safety is of utmost important and a roofing contractor has the insurance and the credentials to perform the job


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